Information for Libraries

Explore More Illinois makes it possible for member libraries to offer free passes, discounted admission, and other deals from a wide variety of Illinois cultural attractions to library cardholders.

This program will be provided as a service to all Illinois public libraries, and there is no cost for libraries to particpate, RAILS covers the yearly software platform fee for all libraries.

Explore More Illinois is a new program It is separate and distinct from the Museum Adventure Pass administered by Libraries First.

How it works

Cardholders will reserve all passes/discounts online. Libraries will not need to manage and administer physical passes.

This video from our software provider Quipu Group demonstrates how the pass program works for library cardholders.

Other information for participating libraries

  • We launched Explore More Illinois in April 2019.
  • Your library will need to register for Explore More Illinois. Your patrons will not be able to participate unless your library is a participant. For RAILS members to begin the registration/setup process, log into this website and follow the link for your library that will appear on the homepage. For ILHS members, please email to start the process.
  • Your library will have a unique Explore More Illinois webpage, and you will need to  provide a link to it via your website.

New Attractions (March 2020)

Participating Attractions

This list was last updated on February 4, 2020. The list of participating and attractions and their offers are subject to change. Not all attractions will be available to all libraries. Please log into Explore More Illinois to see the most current offerings.

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